Types of Assistance

Small Business Assistance

Cedar Valley Growth Fund I, Inc.’s funds are used to capitalize a revolving loan fund that will make near equity and market rate loans. The interest received on the loans will be used primarily to provide technical assistance to area small businesses or to increase the funds within the revolving loan fund.

• Loans – It is anticipated that the typical CVGFI loan to an area small business will be less than $50,000, at near market rate interest, and for a term of one to five years.  Just as each business is unique, the actual terms may vary depending upon the circumstances.

• Technical Assistance – The type and amount of technical assistance may vary based upon the immediate needs of the business. Technical assistance will be provided free or at a nominal cost to the small business by area professionals such as CPA’s, marketing professionals, manufacturing experts, etc. with CVGFI typically subsidizing the majority of the expense.

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